Tuesday, 21 June 2016

3D printing around the house

So I was looking around and realized that I've done a few 3D designs that I'd forgotten about because they're simple everyday objects, so I thought I'd share a couple of them.

Temperature knob on kitchen oven
Tea jar lid
First up is the temperature knob on the kitchen oven. This one is a good example of 3D design being used to replace a unavailable part on old equipment. What isn't visible in the photo is that the control shaft, the metal bar that the knob is mounted on, snapped from fatigue about 0.5 cm behind the faceplate, so I photographed the damaged area, measured the cross section of the rod and it's hole, and combined that with the style of the remaining knobs to create the replacement in the photo. It's glued in place with 5 minute epoxy (Lepage brand I think), and has been working perfectly for about 4-5 months at this point.

The other one is a simple replacement lid for a jar we use to store tea bags, the original ceramic one broke when it got dropped on the floor. Design wise, this one was quite simple to create, I simply measured the diameter of the mouth of the jar along with the width of the lip around it, and used those to create a cylinder with the same diameter as a starting point. The rest was simply making a shape that looked like a nice handle and about 4 hours of 3D printing.
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