Sunday, 5 June 2016

Upgrading the Micro Kossel

I've been doing some upgrades to the Micro Kossel lately, aiming to improve the print quality and since PLA prints best when cooled immediately below the hot-end, I remixed a raised effector to fit the E3D Lite6 hot-end and installed the result:
Micro Kossel with new effector

Assembly is fairly straightforward, main non-printed parts needed are 6 M3x10mm screws, 4-8 M3x20mm screws, and 2 3010 case fans (Example):
Effector parts
3010 fans installed with 4 M3x20 screws

After installing the fans on the effector platform, the next step was to disassemble the old effector from the Micro's frame and mount the hot-end in the new one.
Hot-End half installed, fan on the right is for heat-sink cooling
Alignment of heat-sink
new effector installed and ready to print

After all the mechanical assembly was finished, the last step was to connect the new fans to the control board's connector block (D9 on Ramps 1.4 with the Micros default firmware) and start printing.
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