3D printing:

• Tinkerine, Vancouver manufacture, also sells high-grade PLA filament
• Lee's Electronic, Vancouver electronics store
• RP Electronics, Vancouver electronics store
• Revolution 3D Printers, Victoria manufacture, makes heavy duty machines
• Spool3d, Calgary filament supplier, also sells Prusa i3 and Kossel kits
• Voxel Factory, Montreal filament distributor, also sells a few types of 3D printers
•, Printerbot distributor for Canada
• Electronic Geek, Montreal 3D printer parts and filament supplier
• Fraser Valley Makerspace
• Seacans, Vancouver filament supplier
•, Toronto filament supplier and distributor
• Makerwiz, 3D printer distributor
• RepRap Warehouse, Makerbot distributor and filament supplier
• ORD Solutions, Ontario manufacture, makes printer with 5 extruders
3D model repositories:
• Thingiverse
• Youmagine
• Pinshape
• SketchUp
Forum for the Vancouver 3D printer user group: