Friday, 16 September 2016

Micro Kossel effector upgrade part 4

After about 2 months of heavy usage, the version 4 effector suffered the same bending damage that affected version 3, so I've redone the platform and moved the ducting to a screw-on skirt instead of inside the effector.

Version 5 assembled 
     Another issue that cropped up with version 4 was part of the upper fan mounts had a tendency to catch against the rod arms when printing near the outer edges of the printbed, so I've moved them upward by a couple of centimeters for version 5.

Version 5 being used to print 'Marvin'
    I've printed a few things with the version 5 effector so far, and it's much better than the old version 4. The STL's are available on Thingiverse (thing:1726397), and you'll need a couple of M3x10mm screws to attach the skirt after printing.

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