Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Filament Review: EconoFil PLA MasterSpool refills

Econofil PLA with MasterSpool from
     I've been following the Master Spool concept with some interest since February, so when announced that they were adopting it with the new EconoFil line, I decided to get a batch of 9 reloads to try out. On delivery I got 2 large boxes, one containing 8 of the refill coils and the other containing the 9th with an unexpected bonus of's injection molded MasterSpool to get started with.

EconoFil loaded onto Mega Kossel for testing
    After loading one of the coils onto the included MasterSpool, loading and using the filament was the same as printing any regular PLA, albeit a fairly high quality one, the prints come out with a really nice silky finish that looks spectacular.

Fidget Cube, Dial Calipers and Carabiner printed in EconoFil Green PLA 
    All told, EconoFil PLA is a really nice material to use, not to mention cheaper than Amazon, so I'll be using it as my primary printing material for the future.

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